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Ali Adawiya

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Amy Doniger

About Us

We have been in the music and entertainment business since 1969 with specialized expertise in music publishing, licensing, song research, and rights negotiation, all while managing accounts for high-profile customers and running a multi-million dollar business.


  • Over 25 years of music publishing and licensing experience with the world’s leading production companies, television studios, and trailer houses

  • Intricate Knowledge of Music Licensing, Song Research and Rights Negotiation, Synchronization, and Master Use rights

  • Expertise in tracking all licenses through the entire licensing process from start to finish, including initial request, contract, and payment

  • In-depth knowledge of advanced music licensing arrangements as well as the interpretation, negotiation, and drafting of contractual agreements

  • Premiere Auditor: Prepare royalty audits of record companies and royalty statements for artist and songwriter clientele

Feel free to call us directly at 310.502.3007 or email at

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