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Copyright Protection

What good is writing your dream song with a fabulous melody and great lyrics only to have it collect dust? Or worse yet, hear someone else playing something similar and making millions of dollars...leaving you thinking what if?

Songwriters are often ill-equipped to handle the many business and legal issues of copyright protection.

You need a professional company to help you with protect your intellectual property rights.

Song Care is that company! 

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Modern Era

Music Business Management

Music business management is growing more complex as the industry evolves. As such managers must be more resourceful and informed than ever. Song Care's management knows the secret to success since 1969.


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Song Registration

Your song isn’t eligible for copyright protection if it’s just a tune you’re humming in your head, a melody you play on the piano, or a set of lyrics that you haven’t written down. Before you can get copyright protection, you must record your song in some way – typically either in written form or on a taped or digital sound recording.


We will ensure your work is properly registered in the U.S. Library of Congress, ASCAP and BMI.

We also make sure that you get every penny of revenue you deserve from publishers and other sources of revenue.

Just because your song is registered it doesn't mean that publishers will automatically send you a check if they use it. You need to make sure that you have a company representing you who knows the tricks publishers often use to avoid paying. 

When you register a song copyright, you take an important step toward protecting your intellectual property.


Song Care is that company!



Unlimited Registrations

Includes all your copyright, registration and basic consultation needs.
Auditing quotes can be given based on your unique and customized needs.

  • Copyright new songs in the Library Of Congress

  • Register performing rights in the U.S. with ASCAP and BMI

  • Licensing preparation with labels for movies and commercials

  • Income collection from labels

  • Royalty audits for extra protection (at additional cost) 

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